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This Strategy Library is provided for your personal education. As you start or continue your path of strategy development I suggest you begin as a "Strategic Thinker". All else flows from there. The world is a Kaleidoscope of change. Perhaps these articles will help you turn the change your way.

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Strategic Thinking
Basics on Strategy
To explore strategy and its use by emerging business and organizational leaders/managers; not to review a comprehensive model for a strategic planning process.
Strategic Thinking
The word "strategic" is used too much these days. It has become a differentiator for status and careers, so now people stick it in as an adjective in front of most every noun, sort of a way of claiming what is strategic, whether or not they actually have it. There is strategic planning, strategic management, strategic issues, strategic positions, strategic actions, strategic alliances, and strategic business partners.
A Coach for Strategy
A major part of work with clients comes in the form of coaching, either individual executives or managers or teams of them or both.
Strategic Planning
Menu of Process Variables for the Strategic Agenda
Covering contracting and check in, research and discovery, strategic thought rgroup, future search conference and town meetings modesl, staff support and scenario planning.
Strategic Agenda
Discover mission and values through evaluating your progress in the stragic planning process.
Sequential Outline of Strategic Planning
In depth outline of the strategic planning process.
Strategic Execution
Strategic Results
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